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How We Tripled Organic Revenue AND Increased's Organic Traffic by 216% in 10 Months is new rising star providing individual and corporate Hosting, Domain, Server, SSL, Website Builder services. want to be leading Server, Hosting, Domain Company in Turkey. built the industry’s leading customer service team and continually do everything we can to offer faster and reliable services than their competitors. As the team, our goal is to provide you uninterrupted services with the latest technologies.

Our customer-oriented solutions have you covered whether you’re a brand new user looking to start a website or an expert developer; a small venture or even a large business. With this vision, decided to redesign website and optimize infrastructure. 

Deepcrawl is a first go to tool in my equipments. For the love of the initial crawl in order to figure out what is going on new clients or ongoing project you need to get some sort of reliable data. You can not draw the full picture and get insight without data so you should use a tool like Deepcrawl to create your roadmap, strategies and point of view.

By providing an instant overview of the main issues at hand, it is possible to assess the aspects of a domain very quickly. For me, this is particularly useful because it equips me with a lot of inspiration with clear and comprehensible dashboard as to where to go next and fast.

Website Migration

As, we were aware that current Back-End and Front-End technologies we were using had retired. Along with that old infrastructure, the user experience and interface could not match our and our customer needs. With that know-how and unmatched wisdom we had to get a decision in order to develop bright and useful landscape to satisfy search engines’ AND our AND our customer AND our new audience.


So we started to roll up one’s sleeves and first off all we did know that lookalike below website redesigning and migration plan will shed light on our way.

Comparing The Test Website To The Live Website

For those who experienced website redesign and migration will know that testing new layout is crucial in this manner.

You have to make sure that;

  • All modules of new layout working well,
  • URL mapping for 301 Redirect is working flawless without any bottlenecks.
  • All On-Page entities optimized well,
  • Technical sides working flawless,
  • Search Engines can not access, crawl, index and store new website.
  • Content of all pages replaced impeccably.

With that know-how and unique wisdom we used Deepcrawl to test our new layout to current one. So after fixing all of issues we got decided to get our website into live space.

Subfolder vs. Subdomain

During the website migration stage we had evaluated our Knowledge subdomain whether transition to subfolder or let it be in subdomain. Than we relied on our know-how and figured out the industry specifics. With the clear KPIs, we have got decided to move our Knowledge Base ,called “Bilgi Bankası” in Turkish, from subdomain to subfolder due to leverage power of the domain. So, after this movement our Knowledge Base’s organic traffic leaped by 110%.

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Informational Over Transactional

With shifting our Knowledge Base from Subdomain to Subfolder, important head terms rankings began to increase. We could not expect that head terms which mostly have commercial intent, will rank with our Knowledge Base’s page. But our competitor has ranked with their commercial page. Please see below.

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Trello integration via Zapier: Make Your Workflows Smarter

As we are having to work with increasing amounts of data in SEO, smart data processing is essential. Therefore, you should always check which of your time-consuming, routine tasks can be automated. The aim is not to work less, but to work more efficiently as a consultant and to invest the time saved more effectively. This is where Zapier comes into play. 

Team Communication

As, All of stakeholders, we are aware of that communication of the team is vital while managing optimization process and tackled all of the roadblocks to achieve this unique success.

Slack is primary bullet of our arsenal. At the all of side of life communication is vital so we were aware of that situation and all of stakeholders have to be a part of this pipeline.

Deepcrawl is responsive tool and all of necessities it should offer to users have to be under the hood. Slack integrations are unbelievably helpful in this success.


Redesigning website, optimizing All aspects of the Optimizations Tasks by contributions of Deepcrawl so it is marvelous achievement as increasing Organic traffic by the 215,93% AND Tripled Organic Revenue at the end of the year. It is not just we achieved those result so we also increased website loyal users 4X with user-centric Organic Search & Experience strategies.

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We are using aHrefs tool and we relied on its Organic Traffic data so when we started migration and redesigning our website was getting traffic by 1.4K keywords. And at the end of the year, as you can see, is getting tons of Organic traffic by 16K Keywords, Almost 1200% improvement.

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